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Outsource your workforce

Why hire through uptick it?

The freelancing industry has been a disruptive way for businesses to outsource their workforce and obtain high-quality work for less money than employing someone full-time. Companies usually have two ways that could potentially reduce costs by transferring portions of work to a third party, and that’s by either hiring another company or hiring an independent contractor directly. If someone hires another company to do the job, the hiring part doesn’t have control on who does the job and how it is done. If someone hires an independent contractor directly, the hiring part doesn’t get the support of a team full of experts.

With Uptick it, you could get both! The support of a team full of experts (our team consists of entrepreneurs, human resources management experts, computer scientists, engineers, etc) and you get someone exclusively assigned to be involved in the operations that your company needs, just like you would by having a full-time employee! But since you’d be working directly with independent contractors, you save resources and can significantly increase your business’ profits and productivity.

We have worked with plenty of international businesses and have helped them increase their productivity and therefore their revenue!

How it works

Uptickit engages as an intermediary between a business and an independent contractor. This is known as part of the “gig economy”. A gig economy consists of filling temporary positions as organizations hire independent workers for short-term work.

In a gig economy, businesses can save resources such as office space and by avoiding training. They also have the ability to hire experts for specific projects who might be too expensive to maintain on staff. From the perspective of the freelancer, a gig economy can improve work-life balance over what is possible in most jobs. The model is powered by independent workers choosing jobs that they’re interested in, rather than one in which people are forced into a position where, unable to attain employment, they pick up whatever temporary gigs they can land.

Uptickit offers businesses and independent contractors from the same area, the ability to connect into one single platform. If you are a business or a freelancer/independent worker and you are interested in knowing more, please contact us.

Outsource IT workers for your company

IT Independent Workers

Designers and independent artists

Outsource independent graphic designers

Customer service and tech support agents

Hire independent customer service agents for your company.


Hire an independent accountant to work with you

About Us

We are team that will find you high-quality workers for your business. But we are also more than that. We are entrepreneurs and innovators trying to make a breakthrough in the freelancing industry.

Uptickit is…

  1. A team that offers you the possibility to find an independent contractor that will work for you, and provide you top-notch services including, development and programming, graphic design, video editing, accounting services, marketing services, and much more.
  2. A team of entrepreneurs and developers that work on different projects using technology to solve several issues in society. Some of the projects developed with the uptickit team include: Wearable technology, human-computer interfaces for the disabled, video games, etc. We employ freelancers and welcome developers to work on our projects!
  3. A team that not only focuses on clients, but on other independent contractors as well. Our goal is to incentive collaboration between freelancers instead of competition. We make sure we all work on common goals and ways to solve issues in society and improve the freelancing industry. In our youtube channel you can check some of the tips and knowledge we share with both clients and freelancers.

We are more than a team of entrepreneurs and developers. The Uptickit team is here to help you in your endeavors! Whether you need to outsource services, or just listen to our tips. We are here to share our expertise in a variety of fields with you.  By either hiring an independent worker through us, or just by listening to our tips on our youtube channel, you will be closer to increase [uptick] your chances of success in any of your endeavors. We are to help you!



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